Lime Cookies with Glaze

Posted on: Thursday, May 3, 2012

I found this simple recipe the other week, and I thought lime cookies would be fitting with Cinco de Mayo approaching. Whether that makes sense or not (tequila shots, right...maybe?), I made these today, and they are awesome. I made them without macadamia nuts as I didn't have any or really want any. They are nice and refreshing, and I love the little specks of lime you can see. The glaze adds a lot of the sweetness and lime flavor, while the cookie is more of a buttery base. Hopefully husband will like them too; they don't contain chocolate so I suppose he should (though he likes brownies and reeses and almond joys and york patties which all have chocolate. But, sprinkle a few chocolate chips in a whole loaf of banana bread and he won't touch it. I do not understand it). Update: he likes them.



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