Posted on: Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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May! I feel like this is a month I don't much think about. No birthdays, no big events usually. There is Mother's Day coming up, though. This year one of my closest friends from high school is getting married later into the month (at the same place our party will be held in June!), and I'm sad Kyle and I won't be able to attend. This May we've got another Army company party to attend (last year Kyle rode a mechanical bull). Kyle has a four day weekend later on so we were thinking of taking a two-day trip to San Antonio. RSVPs for the wedding are "due" on the 12th, so we'll get a final count of how many will be attending, and be able to figure out how much food and how many of everything we will need, really. One month to go! I am heading in to Killeen on Friday for a dress fitting! And we've got a couple surprises confirmed for wedding guests-it should be fun! My biology class is fine; a little bit basic and we spent way too much time discussing the scientific method the first week, but oh well. I also got the meningitis shot I needed to be able to register for classes, so I have a schedule started for the fall!

Also- The other day Darwin climbed all the way to the top of a tree. The picture is of her part way up, surveying her territory. I was most impressed that she managed to get down herself as well.



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