Mandatory Fun

Posted on: Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yesterday was another mandatory "fun" Army day, where this time we went to Stillhouse Hollow lake (where Kyle and I went camping) and had a bbq. The thing with mandatory fun as the Army does it is that most people do not have that much fun because they would rather be somewhere else, and you have to sit around until you are released at 4pm, while everyone complains and talks about how they do not like the Army. And sometimes they play volleyball. I asked if anybody likes being in the Army, and it seems you only might like it if you are at Sergeant rank or higher. Maybe. I certainly do not understand why the Army works the way it does, why it seems so so much time is wasted instead of, you know, effectively training and preparing our soldiers before sending them off to war. There is such a lack of organization and communication, and it is frustrating for everyone involved. On the other side, it is a reliable job. Anyway, here's some pictures from the scenery at the lake. 

 Kyle is quite talented at skipping rocks. 



  1. I agree with the frustration about training and "mandatory useless events." My husband-to-be go out of the last one because of a medical profile preventing him from Rock Climbing with other single soldiers. I think the thing I worry about most is these guys not being prepared when they have to deploy again (which seems like a reasonable possiblity later this year instead of in 2014 as "planned"). Anyway, I join you in the frustration :) At least the lake was pretty and you got to go with him!

    1. yeah- it is definitely a worry! And for sure, can't complain too much at a chance to be together, when we know what it's like being apart! :)


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