Photo dump Pour la Semaine

Posted on: Monday, May 14, 2012

above {I don't know how Hux gets himself perfectly wrapped in blankets all the time} below {wedding stickers!}

above {more wedding decor} below {Chipotle yum}

{Darwin. in Kyle's clean laundry all week.}

above {I guess I don't need these if we're not doing assigned seating. oh well, I got to stamp a lot of names.} below {bling for the wedding :)}

above {mums card} below {H-man}

above {tags for mason jars; names on the other side} below {goodie bags for desert/candy bar}

above {spring rolls!} next four {camping}

{Kyle pimped his helmet}

above {Hux watches Firefly} below {Hux explores the tent}
{Darwin and Hux in the garage. dirty paws, Hux}

above {chalkboard project begins! below {wearing Kyle's jacket for an evening ride. It fits pretty well except that I have lady hips}



  1. "Pimping his helmet" haha! Love you and your lady hips!


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