Thursday Thoughts (6)

Posted on: Thursday, May 10, 2012

{one} Required kitty pictures. Darwin has been throwing up again, but seems to be fine otherwise, eating and everything. We'll keep an eye on her and take her in to the vet if needed.
top {Hux} below {Hux and Dar on Kyle's clean laundry}

{two} Beet, arugula and goat cheese sandwich. Sounds and looks like perfection.

{three} I had a good first phone chat with our wedding planner. We just brought one in in the last couple weeks, as we wanted to make sure we were headed in the right direction and that we weren't missing anything, since I'm in Texas and the wedding is in PA, and we've never done this before. Anyway, talking to an actual person always makes me excited about wedding times, instead of stewing in my own brainy mess of ideas and to-do lists.

{four} Our plan was to drive back down to Texas on the Monday after our Friday wedding, so we'd have Saturday and Sunday to relax and breathe, you know. But the wonderful Army says I don't think so, and we have to start our drive back down, the early morning of the day after our wedding. How is that even allowed? How are we supposed to enjoy our time and relax? Thanks. Nice to see you care. Glad we will be back for Kyle to likely stand or sit around all day some more.

{five} How cool are these prints? Jane Mount creates prints of your ideal bookshelf. I think it is a great gift idea for the literature enthusiast, even for a new baby nursery or kids room.
{six} How perfect is this peony bouquet? Wow.

{seven} I was looking back through pictures of Finland again, for a summer in Finland post. Gosh I miss it. It is perfect. Expect that post sometime soon.

{eight} My family got the whole of The West Wing for Kyle for Christmas, and we've been gradually watching it together (I think I had only seen an episode in AP Gov class in high school). We've been really getting into it lately, with the excitement of the season one finale and start of season two.

{nine} Good for you, Obama. North Carolina, not so much.

{ten} Today from ten to two was Army family fun day. I stayed in the car and read while Kyle played in a volleyball tournament; it rained for the last hour or so.



  1. Awe, poor kitty! She's adorable though, that always helps with recovery. :)

  2. How freakin' adorable, your cats name is Darwin. Totally sucks that the Army isn't letting you at least one day of newly marriage bliss :(

    Love that peony bouquet. So beautiful.

  3. Oh, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom memories.... :)

    Also, I love that your kitties still sleep together. My two cats (sisters) stopped after about 3 months. Then one would chase the other around the house. That's love for ya!


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