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Posted on: Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Apparently being an Army wife means my clothing, accessories, car, and probably this blog should be adorned in such conspicuous things to clearly identify myself as such. So, here goes:



Why does Army wife stuff have to look like this? The pink, the lips, the bold font because it's the Army paired with the wispy font because it's the wife (right?). Perhaps I haven't had this role long enough to feel so inclined to plaster myself with such sparkly reminders. Hopefully I won't reach that point any time soon, or ever. Pink camo isn't necessary to be proud, but I suppose I shouldn't knock it too much. Whatever works, you know? I still feel weird when people are extra nice to me or give me sympathetic looks because my husband is in the military and deployed at the moment, and I carry a military ID. I've gotten discounts places, which is really nice, but still weird. A flight attendant once somehow guessed I was going to visit my military husband and he showered me with thanks and extra attention. People tell me I deserve it, but I don't know what I have done to gain special treatment. It just takes a little getting used to, I suppose, being thanked for marrying the man I love. 

People are very nice to our soldiers, and I am very glad for that. They deserve all the thanks and kind special treatment that strangers throw their way. I've witnessed Kyle get bumped up to first class, receive "thank yous" from strangers (prompting a conversation between Kyle and I about how exactly one is to respond to that. You can't say "you're welcome." Saying "thank you" back seems odd. I suggested a polite nod and a smile), and heard stories of him getting meals paid for by other anonymous diners. It really warms my heart. My favorite thing I've heard was when Kyle and I were flying to Pittsburgh the weekend after we got married, and getting off the plane one of the flight attendants called out, "thank you for your service! And for marrying such a cute girl!" That one made me smile. 

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. Sarah. Please consult many friends (preferably design-minded friends) before adhering any of these Army Wife logos to yourself or vehicle in a permanent or semi-permanent way.

    Where did you find the "Army Ballet" image? I'd love to know who created it.

  2. hehe, don't worry Dan!

    I found the army ballet on Pinterest, and traced it back to a google search someone else did, and traced it back to this place:

    which doesn't really tell us anything about who created it. I was wondering myself where it came from.

  3. I've had the same discussion with many military friends of mine on the how-to-respond-to-thank-yous front. We decided a polite smile and an 'I appreciate that.' also suffices fairly well and it makes other people feel better that you recognized their thanks.

  4. sarah, i've enjoyed reading your blogs as of late... and i have to agree that you should really think carefully about plastering anything (body, clothing, car, etc) with pink camo.

    and kyle did pick a pretty girl :) congrats on your marriage... sorry i'm so late on that!

  5. Good idea, Steph!

    And Thanks, Malea! :D


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