Darwin is Back!

Posted on: Monday, March 5, 2012

I got a call from the vet this morning, and I was expecting to be told what was discovered during Darwin's surgery, but instead was told that she had eaten most of her food, used the bathroom, and was up at the front of her cage, waiting to go home. So I went to go get her! Of course, we still don't know about what was stuck inside her, and if she continues getting sick we will have to bring her back, and they will do the surgery. I was also given some special wet food to  feed her for the next several days, to help her digestion, but otherwise no medication. She has been home since about nine this morning, and has been eating and acting pretty normal, though grumbling and hissing at Huxley more than usual (I don't know why she decided she didn't like him once we moved here), and drooling occasionally. I've been trying to clean up her backside without her getting too upset, but we may have to attempt a bath this evening, as she is not the most sweet-smelling cat at the moment. The vet will call to check in tomorrow morning; hopefully we won't see any signs of trouble. But for now she is curled on my lap, napping with her head in my arm.

 not gonna put it away just yet...


  1. Aw, Sarah. I love your posts about your cats! I have definitely decided that when I move to my new location (wherever I find a job!) I'm going to get Duke a pet cat so they can be BFFs! I hope my kitty is as awesome as Darwin and Hux are!


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