Saint Paddy's

Posted on: Monday, March 19, 2012

Ours was pretty chill. For brunch I tried this recipe for Baileys pancakes, and they were not that great. They were thick and weird. Oh well. Kyle ate all of his, at least. I ate my eggs and a pancake and a half, and fed some bacon to the kittens. We did laundry, and made an awesome Shepherd's pie for dinner. We cooked the meat/vegetable mixture in Guinness, and it was delicious. Oh, and I tried my first Irish Car Bomb, failed miserably, and learned I am terrible at chugging. For shame.

 We stocked up on (Irish) alcohol a few days ago. Really stocked up.

Our attire. Though it was super hot (Texas!!!) and I didn't wear this for long. I changed maybe 3 times through the day. But my nails were green the whole time! 


  1. ha. For everyone viewing: in the first photo those are decorative candles about a foot behind the beer. We don't drink Guinness through straws.


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