Our First Anniversary

Posted on: Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our first year together was 366 days long, one day more than you would usually expect to get. 

A year ago today, it was a Monday and we got married. I don't have any pictures to share with you from that day, and the story of what happened on 3.7.2011 isn't really super interesting (went to courthouse, filled out some papers, got married, immediately afterwards went to eat at IHOP because we were really hungry, waited in lines to do Army paperwork, went to a motorcycle store I think, had dinner at El Chico, and watched Away We Go with some champagne in the barracks). The day itself wasn't too unusual for most, and for me, getting married is about much more than one simple and spectacular day. It is about every day after that too, for the rest of ever, if you're lucky and work hard. It is about the never ending adventure that you're just getting into and going to live day after day, year after year. Every day being married to Kyle has been wonderful, comforting, and new. I mean, there were horrible days, he did spend nearly seven months in Iraq, but being married through deployment made it somehow better and bearable. I don't mind that our wedding celebration is a year, three months and eight days after we got married; I'm glad to have a day to celebrate with family and friends.

Another special day.

Most of our days are simple. Early to bed, early to rise. He comes home and smiles really big at the meals I make him. He is grumpy from work but cheers up quickly.
Every (week) day.

Our first anniversary was a simple day. Early to rise, early to work. Rainy. My usual morning routine, and shopping for a microwave since ours went kaput a couple days ago. I baked him brownies, which he loves even though he dislikes chocolate (don't ask me how that works). I wait and he comes home. He tells me about trying to find me a pearl bracelet, but he doesn't like any of the clasps. He pulls out Settlers of Catan instead, and I am really excited but we realize we'll need some friends. We go to IHOP for dinner, because that's our tradition we decided. We are too full to eat any brownies.

Another lovely married day.
366 days later.
With many more days to come.

I guess the point is that I'm glad I got an extra day this year to be married to my husband.

Oh, and an upside to having a wedding day like we did: you can wear the same outfit on your anniversary without looking like a crazy person shopping for a microwave in a wedding gown. 


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