Sick Kitty

Posted on: Friday, March 2, 2012

resting after a trip to the vet and a bunch of shots

Poor little Darwin is sick. She threw up Wednesday morning once, and was fine the rest of the day. Thursday early morning she was throwing up more, didn't eat or drink much through the day, and was sick again in the afternoon. Luckily Kyle got home from work early, a bit after three, so we were able to get her to the Temple Veterinary Hospital yesterday. She had a fever and the vet felt something hard in her intestines; maybe she had swallowed something she wasn't supposed to (though that is more like something Hux would do). As it was later in the day, he couldn't do an X-ray then, but gave her three shots (antibiotics, one for the fever, one for the vomiting) and instructed we bring her back in the morning for the X-ray. We got her home and she started drooling like crazy (like a slobbery saint bernard or something). She seemed confused herself, swatting at her drool, whiskers and nose soaked, dripping on everything (sorry for the visual). So I called the vet to check she wasn't reacting poorly to the medicine or anything. He said it was just her vomiting working its way out and the medicine kicking in. She stopped after a while, and ate and drank a little. Poor sweet D.
a little bit scared at the vet

Today I took her in to the vet at 8am for the X-ray. I was expecting them to call after a few hours at most, as I was pretty sure they said it'd be a few hours, but fast forward to 4 in the afternoon and I still hadn't heard anything (and been resisting the urge to call them since about 1). So I called and was told that the vet hadn't even looked at her X-ray yet. ... The vet called back half an hour later. To summarize: the X-ray didn't give any answers as to what might be causing the block in her intestine, they did something called a barium swallow that is therapeutic and like pepto bismol and found that there is an area in the intestine it is not passing through, they had a crazy day are going to keep her overnight and X-ray again in the morning and see if anything has changed, and go from there. She doesn't get any food tonight in case they have to explore or do surgery tomorrow. I said OK a bunch of times and then I cried. I do not like this.


  1. Lady, I'm thinking about you and D lots and lots. You are such a worried mama, but everything will be fine. She'll be home soon to put her face in cups and climb up your leg. <3

  2. oh no! I am so sorry! i hope Darwin gets better soon. As a mom to two amazing fur kids, I can honestly feel your pain. You and your kitty are in my thoughts.


    1. Thank you! :/ It's looking like she will need an exploratory surgery. We got to go visit her just now, though, so that cheered everyone up!


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