March Photo a Day, 11-20

Posted on: Thursday, March 22, 2012

11. Someone you Talked to - texty text
12. Fork - salad lunch while reading a postcard from Australia
13. A sign - Kyle forgot his dog tags the day before, so I hung them from the mirror and left a note for him to remember the next day. 
14. Clouds - The sky was pretty much all clouds.
15. Car - I think this was us driving to Specs to stock up on St. Patty's alcohol.
16. Sunglasses - Not actually sunglasses, but my pair of IMAX 3D glasses in Austin.
17. Green - Husband in his green shirt. Also green pillows back there.
18. A Corner of your Home - Not the prettiest corner, but the Pens were on! In Texas!
19. Funny - Rewatching The Office.
20. Before/After - Stormy morning, calm afternoon. I used the PicFrame app to split the photos.
See days 1-10 here.


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