In Which I Cook Chicken Thighs

Posted on: Monday, February 27, 2012

Today was a very productive day. I did a bunch of cleaning around the house, like, on hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor with Clorox wet wipes cleaning. I worked out, paid a bunch of bills, got mad at my former school (AU) again and dealt with that, played outside with the kittens, organized things, cleaned some more, figured out a rough menu for the week, and cooked a pretty great meal. I'm now working on wedding invitations (I need to stop playing with them and just get them done) and watching The Voice while husband naps. Oh, and I wore a dress today, a rare, rare thing for me to do.

On to the chicken thighs. Peach whiskey barbecue chicken.
Before making this dish I had never cooked chicken thighs before. Turns out, they are the most unappealing looking part of a chicken to cook with. I am a little...cautious and slightly picky when it comes to meat. I don't like it looking like the fleshy animal that it once was, basically, and I don't like tasting gristly or extra chewy bits. Oh, I love dissecting things and looking at fleshy parts in a scientific sense (so much), but in a sense of- I'm going to put this in my mouth and chew- not so much. I usually meticulously cut away any skin, tendons, fat or any extras that remind me of my forensic anthropology class, until I have just a hunk of meat. I want to see muscle, and nothing else. With this recipe, and chicken thighs, the whole thigh looks like a hot mess, and were I to cut it down I imagine I would be working with very little Sarah-approved meat. So, I just went for it, trusting the end result would taste too amazing for me to even remember what it looked like going into the pot. I was making this meal mainly for Kyle, anyway, who is not a picky meat eater. Here goes. 

smashed taters

My smaller plate. Still unsure about the chicken.

You see how my piece of chicken ended up there in the second to last picture? Luckily Kyle loved it and finished it up for me ("what?! The skin is the best part!"). It was really good; the sauce was amazing and tasted wonderful on the potatoes as well. However, it was still chicken thigh, and I still picked at it. I'm really happy with how it turned out, even if I didn't eat much of it myself. Yum yum.

The recipe for the chicken:
and I roughly followed this recipe for potatoes. I didn't add bacon, used chives instead of green onion,  yellow potatoes, and no french fried onions. Roughly, I said. :)


  1. I LOVE your dress!!! That is SO CUTE. Where did you get it from?

    Also- fellow Army wife.. hooah ;)

    OH! and new follower!!

    1. Thanks! :) I got the dress this last weekend on clearance at Old Navy!

      I'm gonna head over and check out your blog! Thanks for following!

  2. Mmmmm that all looks so good! I'm really weirded out by raw chicken too. In fact, I don't even like to make chicken that much because I'm always afraid that I'm not cooking it the whole way and I'm going to get salmonella. But that peach sauce looks amazing.....

    1. Yeah...I was served some raw chicken at a restaurant a loooong time ago; I think that may be where my paranoia stems from. oh chicken.
      I bet the peach sauce would taste good on just about anything!


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