Military Ball

Posted on: Friday, February 24, 2012

Turns out the rough timeline we had been told for the evening was false, and we just hung out for nearly two hours, mingling and shaking hands, until we finally got to sit at our table, table 2 not table 10, and then dinner wasn't served until close to 8. Even so, it was a surprisingly pleasant evening. Kyle wore a bow tie. We left as the skits were beginning (see the program below). I changed into flip flops in the parking lot and drove us home.

our names were wrong, but close
my water with lemon

The grog that was made. Kyle was selected to participate and add an ingredient. Ingredients included: at least ten bottles of different alcohol (151, 99 bananas, tequila, bourbon, champagne, beer, etc), grenadine (why it is red) a dirty shirt, some socks, a chicken leg, some donuts, general grossness. I tasted it. I was oddly very spicy. There was a mysterious sediment that settled to the bottom of Kyle's glass.  
Sorry there aren't pictures of us. People took some, so maybe they will show up somewhere. You know we're bad at that sort of thing. I personally am proud of myself for taking pictures of myself at all. 

Also, not on a related note, before we left, my admissions packet arrived in the mail! I was hoping they'd have a similar sort of preview day as Baylor, and it looks like they do, but it is later in April, after we're to make a decision. I'll have to go another time and meet with some people, learn more about the school and what two years there would look like! I should make sure to go when it is still might be cool out; last time we went to Austin it was hot and I was very grumpy about it. 


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