Getting Ready for the Ball

Posted on: Thursday, February 23, 2012

First, a little story about this morning.
This morning, a little bit after ten am after I finished my workout and was about to hop in the shower, Kyle arrived back home from visiting a veterans retirement home, and told me that he had to report in at Fort Hood at 1300 (1pm). Which meant, I would have to leave with him by noon, in my whole fancy outfit, and probably wait in the car for four or five hours until the event started. I like to play Angry Birds every once in a while, but five hours at a time is too much for any person. Needless to say, I was not happy. I was mad, and upset, and figured the day was ruined. Luckily, though, after a few phone calls and as new information came up (the Army functions last minute), we learned there would {probably} be time for Kyle to come back and get me between his rehearsals and the event starting. Phew. The Army is infuriating sometimes.

But anyway, yes, today is the military ball! While I really don't know how big a deal it is, or what other ladies will be wearing (I now know drinks are at 5, dinner at 6, we will be at table 10, and there may be skits and a ceremonial alcohol mixing or somesuch happenings), I feel like it is an event worthy of some pamper and prep (as much as I ever do those things). I did buy some new supplies yesterday evening, though. ;) I don't wear much makeup often, so I haven't updated my supply in a while.

I did a preview of my plan for what I'd be wearing last week, when I finally figured out my ensemble (ok, sometimes I function last minute too), and my orders arrived a couple days ago!

The various greens are not a perfect match, but they are pretty close. It's hard to capture the vibrant green of my shoes; they often look more teal in pictures than they are, but the photos on the right do a pretty good job. My shoes will mostly be hidden under my dress, I suppose, and I don't think anyone will be looking too closely to check that they perfectly match my bag. Anyway, I love them both, and plan on using them a lot in the future (or I wouldn't have bought them!). 
As for my nails...
Fingernail polish: Essie "allure"
Toenail polish: Unknown gift from sister, "blood"
Since I figured my gold and green combo would stand out enough, I wanted to keep my nails pretty toned down. I went for a deep red on my toes (really only a little of my big toe would even show with my shoes), and a neutral, semi-transparent white on my fingers. 

So now I am just hanging around the house in my dress, waiting to do my makeup a little bit later. It's kind of fun being dressed up, dress swishing back and forth. 

Alright; hopefully we will get some decent photos of us together later! Kyle looks so handsome in his dress uniform, and I'm feeling pretty good in this dress! :)


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