The Week in Photos (and some words)

Posted on: Friday, February 17, 2012

Some things:
- a day in Round Rock, shopping at IKEA, meeting up with friends, Joe's Crab Shack
- IHOP brunch
- it snowed a little bit in Texas
- laundry
- application done!
- Valentine's
- working on wedding invitations
- made granola
- wine from friends
- kittens kittens kittens 

Kyle has a four day weekend, though much of it will be spent at his motorcycle course. 
It is exciting that he will finally be able to ride his bike! 
We finally got some chairs for our table today! I am sitting on one now, at our dining table, with a cup of tea. I like it. 
I really miss my friends.
And family.
I would like to be playing Settlers of Catan right now. 
Have a good weekend!


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