Weekend Times

Posted on: Monday, February 20, 2012

This weekend was pretty chill. We:

Watched Contagion. It was an enjoyable film. Kyle kept saying "whoa, he's in it?!" and a little later "oh it's her!" followed by "and that guy?!?"  I wished it kept going; sometimes I don't mind when a film just ends and there are questions and story lines yet resolved, but I wanted to know more. *Spoiler Alert* Where does the French lady go? Does Morpheus ever get the disease? What are the long term side effects of the vaccine? How does society recover? Etc. 

Kyle took his motorcycle course and now knows how to ride! Pretty exciting.

We got both kittens to come outside and played in the backyard for a while, taunting the six dogs in surrounding yards.

Huxley finally dared to come out, as the neighbor puppies came to the fence. There was a brief standoff. 
Huxley ran away. 

spazz in the kitchen window
next door pups!

Ate our first meal at our dining table!

I made peanut butter cookies.

Kittens were kittens.

I hope you had a nice weekend! Kyle has today off, so we're doing our usual weekend errands today- laundry and groceries. And I think we're going to find a parking lot for Kyle to ride his bike around, so he can get used to his bike (they used a different kind in the class).


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