One Month

Posted on: Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I just double checked the date, and yes, it is one month until our one year anniversary. Whoa! What should we do to celebrate? I mean, we will definitely go to IHOP at some point, but what else? Apparently the first year gift is traditionally paper. I fear I may end up with a shiny new package of printer paper. :)
or maybe a pretty card instead
even though these are clearly wedding cards

So husband had his first full day of work since returning, leaving the house at 5am and returning around 5:30pm. Too pooped to protest, this gave me the perfect opportunity to make my tuna casserole for dinner! Husband hadn't tried it yet, as I haven't made it for him yet, as he doesn't very much care for fish. BUT I've had even picky tuna hating children say it was good and eat it up, so I hoped I could win him over. I added peas to the recipe and put a little less tuna than usual. Well, I don't know if he'll start to crave fish any time soon, but he liked the casserole, and even had seconds! 

Tomorrow the lovely Tracy (bridesmaid. friend. Pens fan) is doing a Wednesday Wedding guest post, so be sure to check in then!

- Mrs. M


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