Posted on: Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have been wanting to move to maybe Washington or Oregon. It's just so pretty up there, and the opposite of Texas. Also there are whales. Otherwise I don't know much about it.

I am looking forward to grad school! The long days and long nights, the papers, the research, the conversation, the books, notebooks, lots of blue pens handy. I love school.

I am looking forward to being tan again come spring. About an hour in the bright Texas sun should do it.

Kyle rode his motorcycle about the neighborhood! It was pretty exciting, once I stopped being less of a nervous wife. Kyle writes about it here.
I am tempted to straighten my hair, but I shouldn't/won't. 

I am loving our dining table and chairs.

On a related note, the kittens do to, and I've been trying to keep them off the table. And from climbing on the screen door.
Huxley also managed to get up here, by jumping from the counter below. Pretty impressive.

I have been thinking about future babies, a little bit. 

I had a great catch up phone call with Abigail

I have been updating my google calendar. I'm more of a paper planner kind of person, but life just looks so neat and clean on the computer, color coded chunks of time.

My vibrams are coming apart a little, particularly the right big toe. This makes me sad. I had to borrow Kyle's today for my workout. Maybe I should get a new, sturdier pair, something with more of a grip as well, as I tend to slip around a bit on our floor. Mine are first generation, basic, simple vibrams, and there are so many new versions now. Hmm...
these sound kinda perfect, actually
I am looking forward to the military ball on Thursday, kinda. So long as my hair doesn't act foolish. I am curious to find out what this event is even for.

Also looking forward very much to the Gomez concert in Dallas on Saturday! :) :) I have been wanting to see these guys live for a few years now. They also have In-n-Out burger in Dallas; we my have to make an extra stop. It's a West coast thing.

Words with Friends. Addicting. I am not great at it.

Kyle discovered this recipe for peach whiskey barbecue chicken, via  The Pioneer Woman. I spent some time browsing a bunch of her recipes and they seem pretty amazing.  We're going to try this in the next week or two.

And we've been getting some wedding things done. More on that tomorrow!


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