Green and Gold

Posted on: Thursday, February 16, 2012

Next Thursday Kyle and I are going to a military ball. I would tell you more about it, but that is really all I know about it. Oh, and I'll be eating the chicken. I don't know what this ball is for. I don't know what will be happening there, where it is, what time it starts. Sigh. BUT, despite all that mystery, I finally know what I will be wearing! I got this gold dress before I went wedding dress shopping. I bought it online, a risky move, because I loved it so much, and hoped that even if it wasn't the dress for my wedding I could maybe wear it to another occasion. It is a beautiful dress, and a bit too long (because I am short), and a little bit too big in some places, so I didn't think I would be able to wear it without getting it altered. Fast forward four months to February, and I am panicking about finding a dress and going to this stupid ball. After not finding a dress after a whole Saturday afternoon browsing the premium outlets in Round Rock, I decided to try on this gold dress again. To my excitement, I didn't fit as badly as I thought it had! Any dress I would be able to find in the next week would likely be too long anyway. I will make it work!

clutch: ModCloth
earrings: ModCloth

The dress came with a gold shawl for the shoulders, but I might add a little black cardigan or bolero jacket. And you probably noticed, the ensemble is missing shoes! I've been online shopping all day for some shoes, and I haven't yet decided on a pair. This morning I was leaning towards these blue pumps, but I have since decided on green accents, so perhaps a black shoe would be best. With green it's hard to tell online exactly what the color is. Any suggestions? Here are some I'm looking at.

top left:
bottom left:
top right: Ruche
bottom right:


  1. green!! you will look stunning in this dress!

  2. WOW! That dress is just beautiful!! Can't wait to see pictures!


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