Pictures from This Week

Posted on: Saturday, February 11, 2012

I quite like this little mower.
less after the first hour, though
Hux watching me mow

 cuddlin' with a Santa toy from Christy

 my boys

 my husband buys weird things in bulk
 almost one year old means switching
from kitten food to Cat food :(
they really like it

return of fridge kitty
new kitchen tool

the next batch of photos are from BAYLOR!
I didn't take many or any good ones.
this is the tallest climbing rock in the state of Texas
is also in the shape of a bear
so I'm told
 amazing science building. campus is pretty.
 they have real live bears right on campus, in a mini zoo.
sometimes they walk around campus. 

 but the bears weren't there

thanks school of social work! 
I really like you.

Have a good weekend!

- Mrs. M


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