Carrot Cake and Good News

Posted on: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's day was pretty relaxed around our house. I cut out some paint sample hearts to put up, and baked my first double-decker cake! Kyle made a delicious dinner of chicken paprika for us, and we enjoyed it with a bottle of sangria while watching Something Borrowed. We don't have chairs yet to be able to eat at the table, but it was awesome to have lots of space for cooking!

My favorite part was discovering this little message Kyle left on the cake recipe I left out. :)

Kyle got home a little early, and then beat me badly at Words with Friends, as usual. Ouch. Also I just learned how to take screen shots of my phone, though I had accidentally done it before and been very confused. 

And then it was time to ice the cake!

For the cake recipe I used (minus raisins), visit smitten kitchen.

In addition to our little Valentine's Day celebration, I got some good news early yesterday morning. I found out I was accepted to UT Austin's Masters in Social Work program!!
I wasn't expecting to hear anything for another couple weeks, so it was a bit of a surprise. I was also worried since one of my recommendations arrived late. My Baylor application is just being submitted, so I've got a while to wait to make any decisions, but this is very exciting news! I hope everyone had a great day as well! :)


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