I Used to Live in DC

Posted on: Friday, February 3, 2012

Sometimes it seems weird to me that I spent a whole two years (well minus summers) at school in DC. It seems so long ago and like a forgotten time. I think DC is a really cool place. Reasons to miss it:

Cherry blossom festival!

Monuments, museums, architecture and events
waiting for the Dalai Lama
National Cathedral

me and Eleanor

another protest

Mraz at the DAR Hall


Theater time and activities at AU!

Titus Andronicus, Spring 2009, my baby
The K Word, Spring 2009
Crave, Fall 2007, my first production
The Goat, Spring 2008
we started a step team!
cool to be in DC when this happened!
The National Zoo (it's free!)
I love primates

Georgetown and hanging out with my sister a lot!

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. 1. I do not like primates.
    2. I do like museums.
    3. We should do a double date with our menfolk all over DC.

    1. I was thinking of putting a warning, just for you: WARNING- pictures of primates ahead.


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