Wednesday Wedding: Silver and Gold

Posted on: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How many of you are singing (humming something that vaguely sounds like) that silver and gold song from the old Rudolph Christmas movie? Just me? Because it's April, not December? Oh, ok.

Anyway, I'm definitely on a silver and gold kick for our wedding, since I've been working more on the little details and accessories. I wrote a bit about how our wedding color palette developed here. I especially like mixing metals, using both gold and silver in the same visual plane. They can be glittery and shiny, or subtle and muted; I plan on working them in both ways. With our wedding, at an old farm, it will add a touch of glam, shine, and modernity to our rustic, natural setting. The colors also transition well from day to night; they will look great in the (hopefully) sun shine for the late afternoon ceremony, and stand out when the night lights hit them.

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My ivory dress has some touches of silver (if I recall; I haven't seen it since October), and my accessories are gold-based. Kyle found these awesome regimental ties (8) for he and his groomsmen- gold, with black and silver stripes, and they will be wearing grey or black suits/tuxes. The ladies all picked different dresses in the sangria color, and they will wear any kind of silver or gold shoe.

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  1. This is such a great color scheme & I love that sangria colored dress. I'm positive your wedding's going to amazing.


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