Wednesday Wedding: Nails

Posted on: Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Now that I've got the dress, shoes, earrings, and starting to figure out hair accessories, I've been thinking about my nails. Before last July, I never painted them, and they were usually bitten down pretty short. But since I just decided to stop biting and grow them out, they are significantly longer, and always painted (I don't like my "long" nails unpainted. it just feels weird). True story: I've never had my nails done. So, I am looking forward to getting a professional to do my nails! With the shoes I'll be wearing, my toes will certainly need to be looking pretty! Deciding how I want my nails to be done is a little detail, but a fun and non-stress inducing one to think about. I'm thinking toe nails to match the sangria color of my ladies dresses, and something lighter (perhaps to match the light pink in my earrings), maybe with a little sparkle for my fingers. Or maybe just match toes and fingers and do sangria shade on both. I've got some time to decide. For now, here is some of my wedding day nail inspiration!

Emily's wedding nails
unknown on Pinterest

some color options

Since my dress and accessories will be pretty sparkly, I think I'd prefer just emphasizing maybe my ring finger with a sparkle top coat, like in the first photo. Though I do also love the look of colorful, bright nails on white... I definitely don't want my nails to be too crazy or elaborate. Simple, with a bit of fun. What do you think?

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On a marriage-related note, you should read this post, "15 Ways to Stay Married for 15 Years." I think it's pretty good.


  1. As much as I love the red nail polish against the white dress, I say go simple with a bit of flare :)

    The second & fourth photos are my favorite.

  2. I have to agree that simple is probably better when it comes to your wedding day nails. You don't want them to be too noticeable! But a little sparkle never hurt anyone either ;)


  3. No matter what you decide, a smart idea might be to bring your own nail polish. That way, if it chips between application and wedding, you're not completely sunk! Or (and I LOVE this), go with a gel nail polish. It's a bit pricier, but as Jilli mentioned on facebook, it lasts a loooong time (around 2 weeks!), and it's not destructive to your natural nails like acrylics. I think one of the major brands is called gellish, if you want to check it out? You have to file off the natural "shiny", buffed layer of your nail before applying the gel nail polish so that it stays better, though; so be careful that you don't get an overly-zealous manicurist who reeeeaaaaally files down the tops of your nails. I've had some who barely file and keep my naturally thin nails as thick as possible, and I've also had some who (I think) filed my nails too much. Hmm, now I want to paint my nails tonight...


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