Swedish Shopping and Chili Dinner

Posted on: Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Husband got off work quite early today, and we were still in need of dressers and a kitchen table, so we drove out to the IKEA in Round Rock, outside of Austin. IKEA is the glory of Sweden, and a pretty magnificent place. It is also a place you could easily get lost in for hours, at first because you're wandering around looking at all the many pretty things they have for you to buy (things named for example, bjursta, malm, and fj√§llsyra) and then because you're actually lost in such a huge store and can't find the exit. We came home with a dresser for each of us, a big pot for cooking our chili tonight, and some new bedding. We found a table we like but wouldn't be able to fit it all in our car, so I think we'll have to go back another time! I'm OK with that.

what other store gives you a map when you enter?
for the kiddos...someday

After spending the rest of the afternoon and into the evening putting together one of the dressers (still one to go. those things are simple but tiring), we enjoyed our delicious chili (mostly made by Kyle, I just stirred things a bit). Kyle and I first made chili before on our camping trip in Canada, cooked for hours over a camp fire (and probably ruining my uncle's pot, sorry!), so we knew our chili cooking skills in an actual kitchen should be pretty good. We were not wrong! We used three different types of beans (black, red, and kidney), ground beef, diced tomatoes, onion, and some spicy sauce, cooked for around three hours on low. We've got lots of leftovers!

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