Posted on: Thursday, January 5, 2012

I really like skeletons...
I studied many many human bones and teeth at school, and did a little anatomy studying on a real cadaver at Pitt's anatomy lab (the coolest and also smelliest place on campus in my opinion). I am maybe that dork that kept her books and study materials, and still reads about such things after she's graduated. Even though I have accepted that I am not going to be the next Bones. I have forgotten more about bones than anything else I've ever learned. I learned what syphilis looks like, how to side the patella (the easiest thing when it comes to bones, I do believe), how to tell approximately how old a someone is, where all our nerves weave in and out of our skull and what they do, what muscles attach where, sexing, and how to correctly identify and side a single canine tooth (maybe the hardest thing).

I even got this cool guy; he lost a leg. 

My fascination might be a little odd, but it all stems from a desire to understand more about us. Our skeletons give us our shape. It's what makes and protects all of us. It identifies us and tells our life story. It grows and heals. It has evolved to suit us specially. It will last when we are long gone (given the right conditions of course). In conclusion, skeletons are super cool. And maybe I miss school a little bit.

PS- My professor was on the Daily Show once, being made fun of for thinking we are more closely related to orangutans than the chimpanzee. 

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. You should come see the body I've been dissecting all semester! Her name is Rosie and she has taught me so much!


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