Snow Days

Posted on: Saturday, January 21, 2012

It started snowing here Thursday evening (so we canceled our plans to go out for ice cream. but it was ok because instead husband came up with this), and Friday there was a 2-hour delay for schools. I was excited that we got a decent show of snow while Kyle and I were up here visiting (all the while it is 70 degrees in Texas). The kittens also seemed intrigued by the white stuff falling from the sky and covering everything on the ground.

And then after husband woke up, I made waffles for brunch/lunch for mom, dad, Kyle and I (though Hux wanted some). 

And we let the kittens out for their first experience with snow! Huxley loved it. He quickly turned into a snow leopard. He ran back and forth along the back yard for a bit, and then started running in circles around the house. Then he started expanding further into the back and side yards, hiding out under some large trees. He also did this thing where he growled a lot. It was weird. He didn't want to be caught to be brought back in. Darwin on the other hand, is quite a bit smaller than Huxtable (she is 6.7 lbs, he is 10 lbs), and was shaking like a leaf at venturing outside. She was curious and poked around a bit, but didn't enjoy it much.

After we wrangled Huxtabee (these cats have many names) inside, we warmed up with some tea. And then maybe spent some hours doing internet things like Pinterest and watching a concert and looking for a leather jacket for me for riding the motorcycle. Then we went downtown for about an hour which is as much as I can handle when the students are here. We brought back Chipotle for dinner, and then watched Bon Cop, Bad Cop, a French Canadian movie Kyle has been wanting me to see for a while, while the kittens hung out by the fire.

Last night it snowed even more, so we shoveled this morning. Have a good weekend!

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. I remember watching "Bon Cop, Bad Cop" in high school, and I'm pretty sure Kyle was there, too... ah, high school. :)


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