Childhood Bin

Posted on: Thursday, January 19, 2012

All through kindergarten to senior year of high school, my mom kept school pictures and select projects and gave us a big bin of our things when we graduated. Get ready for a glimpse into my school years (not exactly in order)...

paper bag puppet on drugs?

if this is what I thought they looked like, no wonder I was afraid of leprechauns 

kindergarten with teacher

I used to run fast? nice
do you like my "fireworks?"

girl scouts was kind of lame

made the paper for the second grade egg drop! (me in the center)

I did a lot of acting (outside of school)...
CA school was bilingual. 
I had a phase where I drew a lot of coyotes and desert scenes.

second grade

fourth grade. should be called "Nature in Wild California (and also some other places)"
my favorite animal was wolves? I do not remember that.

trip to Niagara Falls with the fam
fifth grade project
I was cool.
"keep reading Harry Potter!"

fast forward to high school

I guess after sixth grade things got less interesting and adorable to keep. Or just less cute and more embarrassing for me to share with the world. Anyway, I hope you had fun!

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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