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Posted on: Monday, January 9, 2012

I have not done a Monday Movie post in a while, due to being super busy and not having time to watch movies. I don't think I will pick it back up with any sort of regularity, but I wanted to share a few movie suggestions from what I've watched lately. They're all really different and all quite good, so depending on what you're in the mood for, you can't go wrong with these choices.

Midnight in Paris
Kyle and I watched this last night. It seems we have a pattern for Sundays of watching football in the afternoon and settling in with a movie of my choice in the evening. :) I had heard this was a really awesome movie though I didn't know much else about it (but clearly that was enough to add it to my Netflix cue straight away. also I love Paris). Ever since Marley and Me, I've looked at Owen Wilson in a different light. He's not just the goofy guy from Wedding Crashers or Zoolander, but a more versatile actor than you might think. Kyle said the movie was succinct (it's as long as a Disney movie). I think it was subtle.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Kyle and I are both Alan Tudyk fans. Kyle saw this movie while deployed and thought I would enjoy it. I really did. It is hilarious hijinks. And bloody. And makes fun of college kids.

Super 8
I already wrote and raved about this back when I saw it in theaters. I got it for Christmas and Kyle and I watched it together. I just love it. It makes me happy.

Friends with Benefits
Yess I got Kyle to watch this with me. And you know what? He laughed. He laughed a lot. Even more than I did (it is inevitable that us ladies just don't get a good penis joke like the guys do). It's, you know, your typical romantic comedy, all while poking fun at the genre. I secretly (not so secretly?) love anything Justin Timberlake does, and while I prefer his music to his acting, he was good on screen too. Kyle kept hoping for a secret twist to be revealed, that the two were actually brother and sister (oh no!), but I knew that was a level of serious that the filmmakers wouldn't want to explore in a Justin Timberlake film.

There you have it! My four choices for a good movie night. Pick one and pop some popcorn. The couch is calling...

{or for a funny read, check out Mindy Kaling's guide to women in the movies.}

- From the TV screen of Mrs. M


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