Monday Movie: Marley & Me

Posted on: Monday, June 27, 2011

I've run out of newly released movies to review; it was unusual for me to see so many movies in such a short time.

I haven't read the book, but Marley & Me (2008) has been playing on FX for a few nights and I've caught just about the whole thing. I was surprised that I quite enjoyed it. Maybe the surprise was that somehow Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson made what seem odd roles for them work. It was a touching story. It felt like a very complete look at thirteen or so years of a family's life even though of course it was made up of scenes sometimes years apart. I kept wondering how many times they had to shoot one scene and how many dogs they used for the whole thing. IMDB tells me 22 dogs. Another fun fact: In looking up the author of the book, John Grogan, I found that he is apparently a fan of Bill Bryson, probably my favorite all-around author. Nice. Anyway, it is one of those movies that will make you feel warm and happy inside, and really want a dog (but the kittens will suffice for now!).

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


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