The Move Part Two

Posted on: Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yesterday I was able to pick up my keys and get in to my new apartment anytime after 8am. I didn't sleep well the night before so I was up early anyway and figured I'd start moving things over and check out the place. I've been pleasantly surprised so far! It's nice and quiet around here. My neighbors are older folks, not college girls (which is good because college girls are the worst kind of neighbors to have). I met my next door neighbor in the parking lot. I was wearing a Pitt shirt and she commented on it, saying that she went to Pitt back in the day. We chatted for a little and I found out her husband is a Vietnam veteran who was stationed at Fort Hood. What are the chances? So she was very nice, and everyone I've come upon in and around the building has seemed quite friendly. It's sure not Oakland. I made several trips back and forth loading up the car at my parents house and unloading here; luckily it's only a quick drive away. My parents and Kyle's parents helped to move the furniture over later in the day as Kyle's dad has a big truck useful for hauling things. We all (plus Sean) had dinner down the street at the American Ale House & Grill afterwards.

My apartment itself has a lot of space and is very clean. I've been gradually getting things unpacked today since I didn't really have everything moved in and get a chance to just be here until later last night. Perfect for a rainy day! The kittens seem to like it here. One is currently sleeping in a partially unpacked box, the other on my desk chair. They've got their third vet appointment on Monday evening.

It's a bit sad doing another move without Kyle when I once thought (two moves ago) I'd be moving in with him, but oh well. The next move will/should be with him in about a year, so there's hope for us being together in the future! I'm looking forward to being here in State College and getting to know and hang out with old friends again. And I hope my Pittsburgh friends visit too!

I'll get some pictures of the place when the natural light is better and there's less disarray.

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


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