Kitten Update

Posted on: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Darwin and Huxley are almost four months old (on the 28th). They have definitely more than doubled the size they were when I first got them, but they've still got a couple more months of growing (Hux is still the bigger of the two). They are due next week for what should be their last set of shots and vet attention until they are five or six months for spaying/neutering.

They are quite friendly, cuddly kittens. I think the thing to understand about cats is that they work on their own schedule; they will cuddle when they want to cuddle, and they will play when they want to play. Try to cuddle when they want to play, and you'll just be trying to hold a squirming cat that seems to have no interest in you. Get involved in their play fighting and you'll be getting involved with their claws and teeth (just a little; otherwise Darwin and Huxley don't scratch or bite on purpose). They will come to you when they want to be held, or just when they want to sit on you in the middle of the night. Darwin and Hux are used to having me around a lot and they like to be close to me. They know my angry voice when they are doing something wrong and usually respond quickly. They seem to have some understanding of "Come" and "dinner time." I think Huxley responds more to his name than Darwin.

Darwin has received the nickname "Feisty" by both my parents and the repairman who came to check the plumbing yesterday. He was only in the apartment for a brief time, but he had Darwin cornered a bit in the bathroom and she gave out a hiss (unusual). She is also little, so it surprises people. In a normal setting though, she is not any more aggressive than Huxley, or any less cuddly. She has a certain feisty spark when it comes to new situations and exploring. Sometimes she'll wake up from napping to find herself alone in a room and she'll meow and run to find me, like a kid waking up from a nightmare. She was the only one to hiss back at KitCat, while Huxley just sort of became still and stared at her. Huxley is my big boy. He's not even that big, just a bit heftier than Darwin. He received the nickname "Motorboat" from my parents because he purrs loudly and frequently. I also call him Drooly because he drools just a little bit when he is falling asleep. He is curious and an explorer too, but a just a little more cautious and calm than Darwin. I think he follows me around more than Darwin, and he likes watching out the window.
When they're playing they are equally spazzy.

Darwin                                           Huxley

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


  1. I love this post. And your beautiful kittens. And the pictures are presh. <3


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