Monday Movie: Bridesmaids

Posted on: Monday, May 30, 2011

Bridesmaids is a highly talked about comedy with a cast of funny ladies known for their work in other comedy shows and movies (The Office, SNL, Reno 911, Away We Go, etc). Kyle and I went to see it with his family last weekend when they were visiting (that's not to say it is exactly a family movie). As Kyle wrote, it is definitely deserving of its R rating. It was more crude humor than I expected; at times I wasn't sure whether to be horrified or hysterically laughing, but it was an entertaining movie. I was at least a little familiar with most of the leading cast and it was interesting to see some of them in different roles (um. Sookie from Gilmore Girls whaat). From a wedding planning perspective, I can not relate one bit, but I also haven't gone past the "this would be nice..." stage of planning, and my bridesmaids all do not live near to me- closest Philadelphia and DC, furthest Qatar- and this not being a real wedding I'm not exactly sure what their roles are. But if they want to hand out puppies in berets at my bridal shower, I'd be OK with that.

Happy Memorial Day! Keep PFC McPherson in your thoughts!  
- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


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