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Posted on: Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I know this blog is All About Me mostly, but sometimes the easiest way to share some facts about me is to just tell you. In list form. With some accompanying pictures. Like so.

- The Office is my comfort show. I tend to not fall asleep easily, and especially fall semester when Kyle was at basic training, I formed a habit of putting on The Office and letting it lull me to sleep on the couch over a few episodes. Needless to say, I am quite familiar with the show (though I can't say it is my favorite NBC comedy anymore- yeah Parks & Rec!).
- I could eat an endless amount of yogurt with granola. Not true, because I'm pretty sure I'm at least a little bit lactose intolerant, but I love the stuff. This probably started somewhere back in childhood when I would eat a scoop of yogurt with sprinkles for breakfast, and grew in Finland where (up until lately) that was really the only time/place I ate yogurt+granola. I would like to try to make my own granola soon.
pumpkin pie granola
- I think it would be cool to write a book someday. I do not know what about!

- I don't easily make new (and lasting) friends. But I sure have some great ones here in Pittsburgh!

- I think water chestnuts are the worst. Why would you include them in an otherwise delicious vegetable medley?

- I think I like girly, pretty, romantic things. Sorry, Kyle.

- I prefer things a little messy and outside the lines. Mostly, "lived in."

- I eat my popcorn with olive oil and salt. I make it on the stove in a pot.

- I am working with Kyle to figure out my future tattoo! We finally have a solid idea. :)

- When I was little, I used to play "Vet" and I would actually cut into my stuffed animals and perform surgeries, then sew them back up. My poor big stuffed tiger had many surgeries, and the cut patches of hair and sutures to prove it.

- Also when I was little, I was (briefly, I think) afraid of leprechauns and the Easter bunny.

- Freshman year of college my nickname (mostly in joking, but mostly true) was The Ruiner (lovingly), because I would point out flaws in peoples logic or correct people when they would otherwise not wish to be corrected. I think Kyle has this same quality. And together, we shall ruin the world. Er...

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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