On Being Married People

Posted on: Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things Married People Do (Based on my own experience):

Go to bed somewhere in the 9:00 pm hour. Sometimes even before 9. Definitely asleep by 10. Somehow we made it to midnight on New Year's.

Shop for things like refrigerators and kitchen tables.

Buy things like refrigerators (still looking for a table).

Watch Gilmore Girls at 10am on abc Family.

Randomly decide to take shots some evenings.

Cook tasty food together and for each other.

Get really good at saying "Yes, Dear." (at least Kyle has)

Watch marathons of New York Ink or the Twilight Zone for an afternoon.

Plan trips to take on your new motorcycle once you can drive it.

Play Words with Friends (husband inevitably beats me by approximately 300 points every time).

Make fun of each other for being either an old man or a snotty gross sick lady.

Both be on your computers while sitting next to each other, and occasionally send each other chats.

Eat breakfast.

Own so many books.

Occasionally talk about how cute and awesome your future children will be.

Every once in a while you come up with things to add to your vows, for example "to not let the other person die."

Doing laundry together at the laundromat.

Do things like opening a joint bank account.

Have ingredients in the house like: mint, balsamic vinegar, and lemons.

Hang out with other married people.

There's always two of everything...

It's all very dorky and wonderful. I love it.

- From the desk of Mrs. M



  1. Oh, this is the best. Too bad Kyle snatched you up before I got the chance to be married to you! I am super jealous that you get to go to bed so early. <3 Can't wait to see your pretty little face.

  2. This is perfect. I can't wait to experience this for myself :-)


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