Wednesday Wedding: The Dessert Bar

Posted on: Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One of my friends/bridesmaids had a really great idea. Family and wedding party people get together before the wedding to bake and create all sorts of tasty treats for a dessert bar at the reception. That way there will be lots of personalized treats for guests to eat, and it provides a little bonding time before the big day. Also, it saves on the cost of a wedding cake, because you can get your usual sized cake (for me- 3 tier) to feed however many guests and for appearances, and not have to worry about buying extra sheet cakes to be cut up backstage. It also provides variety for guests that may not like your choice in cake flavor, or those that just aren't too fond of cake in the first place. Of course you'd have to work out some sort of schedule for the ovens and organize counter space a bit, and likely have a spare fridge for storage.  I'm not sure what all we will be making, but as always, Pinterest has given me some fun and delicious-looking dessert ideas.

rice krispie cupcake. I would be totally ok if these exact ones, dinosaurs and all, were at the wedding
blueberry tart
fruit pizza
beer cupcakes
cake pops
raspberries with chocolate chips
peanut butter banana nilla wafers
mini pies
fruit salad/salsa with cinnamon chips
and of course, carrot cake for husband

I also think decorating the dessert table will be really fun. There will be little signs, saying what each dessert is, pretty cake stands and dessert trays, maybe some flowers...

What are some of your favorite tasty treats?

- From the desk of Mrs. M

I'm linking up to the lovely Joelle at Something Charming again this week :)


  1. Hi! I'm stopping over from Something Charming :) I love all of these ideas! The desserts that you've featured already have my mouth watering, nevermind that it's only 9:15am! I have never seen the rice krispie cupcake before, but I think that's a great idea. The cake pops are too. Have a great day!

  2. I looveeee that idea of having the family help out! What a fun way to get everyone involved & have some really fun & really creative desserts! I love all the inspiration and beautiful dessert tables you found!! And now my mouth is seriously watering... Just stopping over from Something Charming! Glad I did!! Have a great day!! :)


  3. Always a fan of a dessert bar! And I think guests really appreciate it {I mean really, who doesn't love a good rice krispy cupcake?}. Thanks for linking up my dear, and I hope to see you tomorrow too!



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