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Posted on: Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some things we've been up to back at home in State College, PA...

Going to the shooting range with Kyle and my Dad. It's one of my dad's hobbies, and Kyle obviously knows something about guns since he is in the Army. I had never shot a gun before, and we started with a really big, really loud gun, but once I realized I probably wasn't going to accidentally kill someone or have the gun kick back and break my face, I was pretty comfortable. We shot a M4 Carbine first, which is basically what Kyle was issued during deployment so he taught us how to use it. I did surprisingly well (also I forgot my glasses for seeing distance), better than some folks in the Army who are trained to use these things (good for me, not so much for our armed forces?). Then we went over to the handgun range and tried out a revolver and a couple pistols. They are definitely harder to use accurately, I'll just say that.

the objective is to get all your shots close together in a cluster, and then depending on which quadrant your cluster is in, follow the instructions to adjust the front sight and rear sights so that your cluster will then fall within the black target area. so I did pretty well considering! 
Enjoying State College foods.
Stickies from the Diner (I don't actually have any attachment to these but apparently they are a thing)

Herwigs Austrian Bistro with the McPhersons

Kyle and I in pig figurine form?

Playing/hanging with the kittens, hanging out with family, eating more tasty food.

haha sleeping on Kyle

I think we've finally worked it out that we can go to Pittsburgh the 24th and return to SC the 27th, then head back to Texas the 28th and 29th.

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. Ahhh this makes me miss SC! Shooting at Scotia was actually one of me and Ians very first dates! Sooo fun. Looks like you guys are having a great trip! :)

    Also...totally craving a grilled sticky now. Most nights out at the SC bars ended with a sticky at the diner.


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