Two Thousand Eleven

Posted on: Sunday, January 1, 2012

This (Last) Year:

We got married!
I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh.
I flew on a lot of airplanes.
I moved a couple times.
We got the two cutest kittens on the planet.
I became an Army wife and we experienced our first deployment.
I worked several jobs.
I started this blog.
I stopped straightening my hair.
I took the GRE and started applying to graduate school.
I started planning the wedding and made a lot of progress!
I drove between PA and Texas three times.
I stopped biting my nails and learned of the joys of nail polish.
I visited some friends.
I became obsessed with Dexter.
We got a car and a motorcycle (Bonnie).
We had our first Christmas together in our first home.
I became a real adult person.
We bought a refrigerator.

I am excited to see what adventures 2012 brings! I hope to take more pictures of us, cook some tasty dishes, host some friends at our house, be a super awesome wife, and have an unforgettable wedding celebration in June. Thanks for reading and following along! Happy New Year!
the current state of my desk
- From the desk of Mrs. M


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