Wednesday Wedding: For the Boys

Posted on: Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A recent, brief conversation with Kyle prompted the topic for this weeks post. It went a-little a-something a-like a-this:

Me (in the kitchen): you should maybe start to think about what you want to wear for the wedding.

Kyle (quietly in the other room so I might not be able to hear): my leather jacket?

(we laugh)

Me: but it will be June, so probably not.

--End Scene--

And so, this week, Wednesday Wedding is getting a little manly.

Honestly, I'm not super picky about what he should wear (though I think I have to say "no" to tan or white suits, and I do have reasonable veto power). I just want the boys to look nice, and I'm sure they all will because they're handsome fellas. What they wear is just another something that needs to be figured out at some point, and I don't trust them to do it without my prompting and a wee bit of nagging. Kyle previously expressed (when I asked him his thoughts on flowers. there weren't many thoughts. I'm noticing a pattern here...) that he didn't really want a boutonniere, which is fine as I don't think we will be walking down any aisle with bouquets (I know! we're really going rogue on this not-so-usual-wedding aren't we). This isn't a final decision; a little something could look nice; luckily the florist is a pro and will be able to help if we make any last minute decisions. There's a lot of style and dressing tips and articles at the Art of Manliness, a site I know Kyle visits for reading up on various manly topics.

though this boutonniere would go nicely with our colors...
Things to think about:
- what colors
- what sort of suit
- tie vs bowtie
- looking nice together with the ladies
- shoes
- summer weather
- what should Kyle wear vs what should his groomsmen wear

- From the desk of Mrs. M

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