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Posted on: Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's rainy here in Texas (apparently welcome, due to droughts people tell me), and our things haven't arrived yet (not until the 20th or 22nd, unfortunately), but I've been excited to start a little work and preparation on the house! You know, sitting on the floor in an empty house calling to sort out utilities, putting up a shower curtain, cleaning, envisioning. Here are some more pictures I took earlier today. 

living room and front door

living room, into kitchen

kitchen. not much, but it's big!

kitchen, into living room

room #1- office/spare room

room #1

hallway from room 1


bathroom storage


big backyard (to the line of trees)

back of the house

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. My first thought, upon seeing the backyard, is Oh My Goodness, You Should Totally Have A Garden!! Especially if it's a south-facing yard.

    I am such a farmer. Can't wait to see the home filled with you!! :D

  2. I'm thinking that the back yard means room for PUPPIES!!!!!!

  3. Or babies....just kidding. But seriously, I absolutely love it. My favorite picture was your car--representing the Pens all the way out in Texas! Love you, missy. I wanna visit you and hubby.

    PS: Facebook me your address so I can redirect a card to you? Please and thank you, pretty girl.

  4. garden, babies, or puppies. Hmm... :P


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