A Long Drive

Posted on: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A few snapshots from the two day trip.* I passed through nine states. It was a smooth and clear drive; there was really only a some traffic at Birmingham and around Dallas. This was the second time I've made the trip myself, I'm getting to know the route pretty well. It really starts to look like the dry south as soon as you go over the Mississippi River and pass into Louisiana. Everything gets flat and sparse. Several questions did pop into my head during the drive, like why are there memorial highways, and how are they decided? For example, why was 59 through Alabama the Korean War Memorial Highway? I also think I should consider getting prescription sunglasses for driving; the double glasses alternative doesn't work super well. Mostly I would like to drive around at some point and get to make stops along the way; I passed Moundville, AL, and it was so tempting going off course, anthropology dork that I am. Kyle and I will be driving back up (and down) later in January; I'm not sure what route we will take, but here's the one I took (and quite like). 

*Also don't worry, I just held up the camera and pressed the button without looking, no planning or framing or attention away from the road. 

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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