Packing and Planning (and lots of it)

Posted on: Wednesday, December 7, 2011

planning to drive through Mississibbi, of course. 

Hi all! This week has been really busy. As was last week, and really ever since we found out Kyle would be getting back mid-December, but things are really picking up now since we know exact dates. 
Here's what's going on:
My last day at the ARC was on Monday; my last day at PATH is Thursday.
The movers are coming Friday afternoon (instead of Saturday as planned).
I'm moving the cats to my parent's house while I drive down and find a place and we get situated. We'll drive them down after Kyle and I come up for his leave in January. 
I am driving down to Texas Saturday and Sunday.
Starting to look at houses Monday.
Hopefully finding a place quickly and be able to move in; it should take the movers about a week to get down.
Kyle returns (We have an exact date, but I can't share it here)!

I've been packing and packing and packing (how in the world and why do we have so much stuff?!). And making appointments to look at houses. And still working. And trying not to miss the kittens too much already. And meeting with a florist and getting new tires on the car and finishing up applying to grad school and Christmas wrapping and shopping. The kittens love all the boxes everywhere. My family has been awesome helping out. 

I am a bit sleep deprived and overwhelmed, but I won't have much going on down in Texas for a week before Kyle arrives, so I guess I'll have some time for relaxation. Keep your fingers crossed that I find us a place to live so we can be in for Christmas! 

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. you'll do fine with all the packing and moving and driving! just don't pack a kitten in the boxes they're hiding in!


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