Deck the Halls and Trim the Tree

Posted on: Saturday, December 24, 2011

Even before Kyle returned, I did a little bit of holiday decorating around the house, and the first day Kyle was back we went out to get a Christmas tree. We were thinking of maybe getting a potted version that we could plant in the backyard afterwards, but we didn't have any luck in finding that (we honestly didn't look too hard). After a quick internet search on my phone (oh what would we do without my iphone lately, I dare not imagine) we ended up at Silo Christmas Tree Farm where they had cut Fraser Firs from North Carolina and in the ground delicate Afghan pines to cut.

We ended up with a 6.5 foot fir; it even fit in the trunk of our little civic. I decorated the tree gradually over the next few days. We don't have any personalized or memorable ornaments like the ones I'm used to seeing on our Haviland family Christmas tree (digging out the Christmas decor at my house was always pretty fun and prompted many "oooh I remember this one!"s), but maybe we can add a new one every year and build up our own collection. With nothing else to top the tree with, I just tossed a Yuengling Santa hat on top that Kyle's mom sent down with gifts; it seems sort of fitting though nontraditional. Our refrigerator should arrive today; hopefully we can get groceries and come up with some sort of Christmas dinner (that may involve a chicken cooking on/over/about a bottle of beer (Kyle's idea). Stay tuned for that story! Have a happy Christmas Eve!

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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