Drink Up: Kyle and Sarah's Black Flip

Posted on: Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ingredients (for one):
4oz Young's Double Chocolate Stout
3oz Malibu Black
1 egg
1.4 oz Maple Grove Farms pure maple syrup
nutmeg to garnish

Remove carbonation from Stout. We used a shaker; it was a little messy (you can see in the pictures). 
Add other ingredients, except nutmeg, to shaker.
Shake shake shake!
Pour into glass and add nutmeg to garnish.
Drink and enjoy! 

Kyle found this on the internet, indirectly from here. We changed it up a little (as we do) and the result was pretty tasty.Try it if you like! Happy Holidays! 

 - From the desk of Mrs. M


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