Kyle is Back!

Posted on: Monday, December 19, 2011

The First 48 Hours
Kyle arrived early morning on the 18th. You can see a video of the unexpectedly short ceremony here if you like! We went to IHOP (as we do), and then back to the hotel where we decided not to sleep and just get on with the days activities. We visited our house, went fridge shopping, got a Christmas tree, sorted through Kyle's Army things, became super tired at various points of the day, got a few things for the house, got Kyle a beer with lunch, went to a different hotel in Killeen, and went to sleep around 7 or 8. Today we woke early and then took a nap. Once we were finally caught up on sleep, we went to have breakfast and headed to the base as Kyle had some Army things to do. This afternoon we drove to Austin to check out Kyle's motorcycle, only to find the shop was closed on Mondays. We did get to a motorcycle accessory shop, where Kyle found a helmet and leather jacket. He will be a super stylin' biker dude soon enough. Tomorrow Kyle has Army duties all day, and we've decided to leave the hotel and stay at our house, even though our things aren't due to arrive until Thursday, and our refrigerator next Monday (cable/internet this Friday, luckily). Looks like we'll be camping out on an air mattress for a couple days, and having Chinese on Christmas day! I couldn't be happier about it (well, only if the kittens were here too). 

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. This is the happiest and most beautiful blog post I've ever seen. I'm so happy Sarah-husband is back on U.S. soil and well and safe! I am so tickled and happy for you two. Love you both and merry, merry Christmas!!!!!


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