A little trip to the Emergency vet

Posted on: Thursday, December 1, 2011

After work yesterday evening I went home to visit for a little bit, and on my way out I stopped to pet a sleepy Kitcat. We thought she just had a mat under her neck, but I felt around and much to our surprise, actually discovered an open wound, about the size of a nickel. So we scooped her up before she had a chance to run away and took her to CPVETS. They cleaned up the wound and said that she maybe got stuck or cut on something; it wasn't from another animal. We have no idea what she could have hurt herself on, but pets are sometimes mysterious, even 13 year old ones that sleep most of the time. The vets couldn't sew it up because it was infected, but they said cats heal very quickly, and it should heal on its own within a couple days. They gave her some pain medication and antibiotic, and she got to come home! She doesn't seem irritated or to mind a pretty gross looking hole on her chest; it looks worse than it feels I suppose. 

The whole little incident made me think about how important our pets are to us. I was there when Kitty was born, over thirteen years ago. My own two kitties that you get to hear about all the time... I might sound like a crazy cat lady (except I'm married so it's OK), but I'm fairly certain they are a big part of what keeps me from going crazy. I do kinda feel like their human momma (ok, not just kinda), and I can't imagine life without them now.  Soon Kyle will be back, and then we will go get the kittens and bring them to their new home in Texas, and we will be a happy little family. 

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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