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Posted on: Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hi! I am in/around Fort Payne, Alabama, about 80 miles from Birmingham. I wanted to make it to Chattanooga, Tennessee, so I'm in a good position for finishing the trip tomorrow. I'll post about the trip and moving later, just checking in from the road! Here is a post I've had in the works.
As previously mentioned, I don't cook much at home, since I cook dinner every day for the kids at PATH. We get food from the Food Bank, with occasional grocery store purchases, so my ingredient options are limited, but I think I have been pretty creative in coming up with some new dishes with what we've got. Some items new to the menu that I've come up with are: tuna casserole (delicious, and I was never a big fan myself; even the kids who don't like tuna like it!), meatball subs, chili, garlic bread, and Shepherd's pie. We serve fruits and vegetables with every meal, usually from a can but sometimes I work it in to the main dish and trick the kids into eating their veggies. Anyway, here are pictures some of my creations, when I remembered to snap a photo.    

Everything takes around or under and hour to make. I think the biggest kitchen challenge I had was with the can opener (though I was not a fan of the ham that splattered all over me). I opened sooooo many cans with this crappy can opener. It took way too long to open this giant can of green beans.

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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