Posted on: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kyle and I tried out this new (to us) place Smash Burger for lunch last week. It was nice inside and the burger was good, but mine was really messy and fell apart, so I was annoyed and using a ton of napkins. They put on too much ketchup and mustard and everything was just slip sliding about and the patty broke into a few pieces. BUT, frustrations aside, the food was good and presentation nice. We'll have to go again and I'll keep it simpler next time, or maybe try a grilled chicken sandwich. 

I've never seen these ketchup packets before! Crazy. 

- Mrs. M


  1. Ugh! Should have never looked at this while hungry!

  2. I think that's how they do their burgers. I ate there one time and it was a total mess too. You know who makes amaaaazing (fast food) burgers? Sonic.

  3. Forgot all about this place. We got one in Tempe near campus my jr or snr year.
    I only just saw one of the ketchup packets the other day - Sheetz uses them. Pretty clever.


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