Monday Movies: Moonrise Kingdom, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man

Posted on: Monday, August 6, 2012

I thought I'd do a little post on the movies I've seen in theaters lately! Because they were all good and I like them and you should see them too!

Moonrise Kingdom
I saw this with Claire and Nathalie while they were visiting for a few days around the fourth of July. Another quirky, smart, stylistic Wes Anderson movie. It was pretty cute. A little bit dark. Bruce Willis is old. Everyone is getting old. 

The Dark Knight Rises
TDKR. Kyle and I went to see this on my birthday a couple weeks ago. We were pretty excited and even more excited after seeing the movie. It was really good. It was long, but needed the time to tell the story and develop the new characters and I'm glad it didn't rush things. It was fun seeing Pittsburgh and Heinz Field- Kyle and I have been to several games there; it would have been awesome to have been there for the open extras casting call when they shot the football scenes. I really want to see the movie again (IMAX would be amazing), but it may not happen until it comes out on dvd. Also: Tom Hardy is a beast and I may have a deep-seeded thing for Joseph Gordon Levitt. 3rd Rock From the Sun, anyone?

The Amazing Spider-Man
We saw this this past weekend. Kyle and I both really liked this as well! I think it was cast well, and looking back, everyone was way less annoying than the Tobey Maguire trilogy actors/characters. It was definitely updated, made more sense, and I love Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone together. I'm looking forward to the sequel they set up for.

What have you seen and liked/disliked lately?

-Mrs. M


  1. I haven't been to the movies in forever! I tend towards the girly ones, surprise surprise!

  2. We opted to watch Total Recall last weekend instead of going to see the new Batman movie, that was such a bad idea. My advice, if you're interested in that movie it's best to wait til it's on DVD :/


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