Orientation Days

Posted on: Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tuesday was my not-actual-but-kind-of first day of school! We had an orientation to the program day, today was internship orientation, tomorrow starts a week-long Intro to the Profession course, then all classes/internships begin on the 20th. I am a mega dork so I've been super excited and planning and getting ready. Both days went well! When the first day began with a prayer and the associate dean telling us about how the faculty had prayed for us, I was thinking "well crap." But another professor assured me it's really OK and my lack of religion wouldn't be a problem for me/anyone else (even though Sar has told me this a couple times, I still get nervous). We got a bunch of information in different sessions, and had a nice lunch (soup, salad, baked potato bar!). There are a handful of students from Fort Hood that I am aware of, and another military wife is also placed at my internship. I also recognized (and was recognized in return!) by a couple girls I met during preview day in February. Maybe there is hope for me afterall. :)

Both days I received nice comments on my attire and my snazzy bag, so that was cool! I'm sure jeans and a t-shirt are a-ok for class, but I've decided to take a bit more professional, though still fun, approach to dressing for grad school and work. I found that in working (social work) with kids it's good to have balance between some fun and colorful pieces that they themselves like and will comment on- opening up communication and some fun discussion about light things, and staying professional to maintain the boundary. Aside from that, it feels good to dress up during the week days. I was never one to don an all-around sweatsuit to class, but I feel my style has really developed since graduating last April, and it's fun to put together a nice, comfortable outfit. and maybe snap a picture of it before heading out :)
how about these crazy chair pods, eh? Every part of them moves. 

 morning in downtown Waco

I'm also excited to explore Waco some more. Aside from it being the home of Dr. Pepper, I'm told 90% of all Snickers and Skittles are made in Waco, and it has the second largest metropolitan park in the US (after central park in NY). I've really only seen Waco through Baylor, and I'll mostly be at the Social Work building which is in downtown Waco and less on main campus (which is still less than 5 minutes away), but I'm hoping to get to know the town a bit, possibly with some future friends and/or husband! The drive only takes about half an hour or 35 minutes, and traffic hasn't been bad these two days. There are a ton of trucks on 35 which can get annoying, but the drive has been easy and pleasant so far. It also helps that I like mornings, so getting up at 5 to work out and then get ready to leave around 7 is kind of nice for me.

-Mrs. M


  1. Sic 'em! You're kicking butt and you've only been here two days! I'm impressed.

    There is going to be a ton of times that people are going to "pray for you," or say "God bless" in an email, or quote Bible verses. Just kind of nod, or say thanks, or ignore it. You're going to be juuuust fine. ;)

    Holler if you want to explore Waco with me sometime next week! I'm available every day but Wednesday AM (New Graduate Student Orientation in the morning), and I would love to finally meet you IRL!

  2. I am so happy for you, lady! I'm glad orientation is going well. You're going to do such great things in your life. :)

    But does you dressing up for school mean I have to too? Time to let the yoga pants go.

  3. So glad your having a great time! Your rocking your outfits!

  4. Yay! How exciting! I'll be around, too :) so just give me a holler if you ever want to hang out! It'd be fun to meet IRL.


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